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Dlo doubout

Dlo Doubout is a photographic study, which focuses on the foundations andthe evolution of the Guadeloupean society through the prism of the sugar cane.
It is the crossed glance of three photographers. Dlo Doubout is a series of photographic exhibitions including research and experiments, conferences around the sugar cane. The firstedition of the exhibition took place in 2014. The project extends until 2026. Dlo Doubout addresses several related themes such as demography, the Creole garden, the arrival of Indian labor and others, offering an artistic vision with a societal dimension. 
This photographic project rooted in Guadeloupe has from its genesis a will of universal resonance. 
The posture of photographer makes it possible to wander in time, to put in light zones of shade around the treated subject, to put in correlation times and events and to question our history as widely as possible.

« Dlo doubout » is the metaphor for sugar cane in Guadeloupe