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Through this photographic serie, I have endeavored to bring my point of view to bring my point of view, more particularly on two forms of slavery, one « traditional », the slave trade, and the other contemporary, linked to digital addictions.
I wanted to confront a part of history, which some – many – people are often asked to to forget, to the perception that we can have of it to the perception that one can have of it, to the perception that I have of it.
In its « traditional » version, as well as in one of its contemporary as well as in one of its contemporary forms, it is my perception of slavery that is translated here.
What is the relationship between slavers and slaves?
A series of questions came to me about the slavery of Blacks : what did a slave slavery: what did a slave really represent in the eyes of his master? of his master? How was he seen? What did he really produce really produce, if not wealth? Gold?
Wasn’t the slave just a generator of wealth, not for him for him but for his master.
And in my eyes, the tears, sweat and blood of slaves naturally become gold, not for him but for his master.
Today, the fields of action of human exploitation exploitation are wider and the connection that links subjects to their masters is often more distant and subtle. There are still those who produce the gold and those who enjoy of the gold. Yesterday’s sugar and spices have been replaced by by the data and the private life which are today sold at a gold price.