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The sea, a barrier, a border ...

For a long time, in Guadeloupe and in the Caribbean, the sea remained a taboo place, from where the eyes turned away with as a more than visible consequence all these houses built back to the sea.
The sea was, first and foremost, a place of work for fishermen, a route through which exotic food arrived, but also tropical storms … In other words, neither with it nor without it!

The ghost of the slave ship haunts. The black slave and many of his descendants live the sea like a nightmare, a certain death, a cemetery …
It is only in the last ten or fifteen years that the trend has turned upside down.

I built this photographic series as a poetic look, fruit of a collective unconscious. I chose to show the invisibility of things, the sea as it is perceived, very far from the image generally expected of blue and crystalline water of the tropics.

And to complete my approach, I decided to add a ma- terialization of the horizon by the use of inactinic tape to symbolize the limit and the danger present in the collective unconscious.

«At sea, there are no branches» says a popular Guadeloupe saying